Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Mural
Lafayette, CA


A colorful addition to downtown Lafayette, this public mural is collaboration between Laraarchitecture and 333 Arts, a 501(c)(3), and a coalition of young Lamorinda Artists.


Initiated by Lara after the George Floyd protests in Lafayette and designed in collaboration with Oakland-based mural artist Jasmine Quiroga, the mural prompts conversation and encourages community awareness around social and economic equity, diversity, and inclusion. The mural serves as a big welcome sign to ALL people located in the heart of the downtown corridor on Mt. Diablo Blvd and Oak Hill Road.


The approximately 650-square foot mural is Lafayette’s first large-scale public mural and took over a year of advocacy. Lara led the efforts with the creation of the design documents, approvals from city council, planning and public art committees, the community outreach for young artist volunteers, and all the fundraising.


The mural outline was expertly laid out by Oakland-based artist, Pancho Pescador. The mural was filled in and details added by a group of local volunteers that answered a call for artists interested in social justice. The mural was completed over two workshop days facilitated by 333 Arts and led by Callan Romero and Denis Dukhvalov.


The placemaking project included the coordination with property owner for the repainting of the background color in prep for the mural, and a refurbishment of a city-owned planter.


Special thanks to the volunteer artists that participated: Ally Mckay, Amber Rae, Amelia Adams-Brace, Ashley Cha, Bhavana Kasalanati, Caroline Hesby, Cindy Zhou, Darya Inmova, Genet Dutto, Kaitlyn Yasumura, Nina Chuang, Syndey Zhang, and Wes Graves.


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Made possible by:

Diamond Construction
First Republic Bank
Lafayette Chamber of Commerce
Lamorinda Arts Council
City of Lafayette
Village Associates Real Estate

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The unveiling celebration with a DJ, a graffiti wall to play on, and free ice cream.

1. Neighbors passing by.   2. Refurbishing city-owned planter   3. Detail of BLM butterfly

Wall before

Rendered image with fall trees

Mural with summer trees

Mural with winter trees


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