The Goat Hill house


A phased project that began with a kitchen remodel and a master plan, eventually included a 900 square foot addition for an active family of five.


The simple gabled volume and the barn doors were inspired by the site which is nestled under a hillside grazed by goats. ᅠSpaces are entirely open and connected but can be closed off when Spongebob gets too loud.ᅠ Kid’s artwork and family postings occupy a primary display wall in the playroom. Children run everywhere; the doors to the backyard all but disappear.


The active and passive solar systems implemented have cut the home's energy usage by ½ even while the size of the home has doubled.ᅠ The radiant heat manifold system, rather than be tucked away in a closet, is celebrated as a piece of “working” sculpture.ᅠ The architecture is designed to support a family that cooks, eats and plays together.




Sunsetᅠ ᅠᅠ6.07
Warm Kitchen Makeover, A designer combines the best of the old and new for an inviting contemporary look


Mayors Award for Excellence in Architecture, City of Orinda
Winnerᅠ 2008


Contra Costa Timesᅠᅠ ᅠ11.08
Excellence in Design, City of Orinda recognizes outstanding Residential projects





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